MEAB s.a.l was founded in 1991 as a commercial bank in Lebanon. Following the tremendous success of the founders’ business ventures developing underserved regions of Africa, they applied their experience and entrepreneurial skills to establish MEAB in their home country. Since opening the first branch in Verdun, MEAB has expanded from a small, corporate bank to a full-service bank with over 20 branches throughout Lebanon and two in Iraq. Today the Bank enjoys a reputation for high-quality services and standards, and a strong record of modernization and growth.

Of 73 active banks in Lebanon today, MEAB is the fifteenth largest one by deposits. It began with a LL40 billion portfolio but has expanded exponentially to a portfolio estimated at LL200 billion by end of 2014. Since 2009, the bank’s deposits have grown each year by 35-40 percent. In 2009, Bilan banques upgraded MEAB’s ranking to Beta group.

In its short history, MEAB has established itself quickly as a trusted and growing bank. Over the years MEAB has been recognized by many institutions and agencies for its established reputation as a trusted and growing bank. In 2011, Banker Middle East awards named MEAB as the “Fastest Growing Bank in Lebanon”. The World Finance Banking Awards named MEAB “Best Private Bank in Lebanon” in 2012 and “Best Retail Bank in Lebanon” in 2015.

With the focus on achieving sustainable, profitable growth, while improving quality services, the bank continues its domestic expansion with the objective of expanding its distribution network and increasing its product penetration. MEAB is doing so with its continued commitment to compliance with local and international standards of anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing and FATCA, to ensure safe and sound banking to its customers.

Prominent Awards
STP Award in Excellent Quality (2012), Commerzbank
Best Private Bank in Lebanon (2012), World Finance Banking Awards
Fastest Growing Bank in Lebanon (2012), Banker Middle East
Best Retail Bank in Lebanon (2015), World Finance Banking Awards