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MEAB Announces new Board Chairman

June 15, 2015

MEAB announced today that its Chairman, Kassem Hejeij, has stepped down effective immediately.  The Bank’s Board of Directors has selected Ali Hejeij  as the new Chairman.  The former Chairman has no relationship whatsoever or ownership interest in MEAB.

MEAB continues to comply with the leading international standards to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism including the requirements of the United States (OFAC), the European Union, and the United Nations sanctions lists, and employs EastNet’s state-of-the-art SafeWAtch system, as well.  The Bank takes these compliance obligations very seriously and does not engage in banking activity with any parties that have been designated by any of these authorities, or it knows to be engaged in criminal activity.

MEAB operates 20 branches in Lebanon and Iraq.  Among the awards MEAB has received recently, it has been recognized as the “Best Private Bank in Lebanon” by the World Finance Banking Awards.